Gilgit Baltistan Publishing Network ® (GBPN) based on its ideologies is working for the social, political, societal betterment of our society and representation of this land through Journalism. For this very purpose the Publishing of Daily salam Gilgit-Balistan Newspaper is one of the best efforts.

Since long, Daily Salam Gilgit Baltistan is working as one of the leading medium between the people and authorities to let them aware of each other’s problems, demands, opinions and rights. On the other hand GBPN is delivering authentic, reliable, informative, educational, interactive, practical, social, societal, political and other news to the public. This is the core reason that the GBPN’s Daily Salam GB, Daily Salam Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Magazine Salam youth, weekly Sada-e-Gilgit Baltistan, are the among the most reliable, timely and authentic media in Pakistan specially GB. GBPN has a strong, eligible and competent team, which is working on the strong laws of job ethics, sovereignty of Pakistan and basic laws of journalism, and it will continue its traditions.